Courage Compétition

Modern competition

With Charles Pozzi-Ferrari, Courage continues its great adventure in today's competition. After fruitful experiences in GT3 (Porsche 997 GT3 and Ferrari 458 Italia), the Courage team has concluded a promising agreement with Charles Pozzi-Ferrari France. In its 1st race at Monza, the Charles Pozzi-Courage team took its first victory, demonstrating, if proof were needed, that experience counts more than anything else in competition. Since then, the team has scored 7 victories in 12 races, and is preparing to contest the final of this exciting European championship...2018 is not far off, and we'll be able to give you all the details of what promises to be an exciting program very soon.

Classic competition

On the historic racing side, Courage's vocation is to prepare and even restore the cars chosen by our customers, bringing them all the experience acquired over almost 30 years.

On the agenda, the brand-new team of historic cars "piloted" by Courage Classic will, above all, concentrate on Historic Tour events... But no doubt we'll be taking part in a few complementary events... Les Masters, Le Mans Classic, Le Circuit des Remparts and of course Goodwood.

In addition to race weekends, Courage organizes a number of track days, notably at the Bugatti circuit, in very special conditions to enable everyone to prepare and optimize their car's tuning.

  • Complete, state-of-the-art stand.
  • Timing cabin.
  • Refueling.
  • Complete pneumatic and electrical equipment
  • Etc…
  • Trailer for transporting four cars.
    (Mutualisation des coûts) dans de parfaites conditions de sécurité.
  • Trailer for two Prototypes (...Sport 2000 and Group C).
  • Tarpaulin trailer for one vehicle.
  • American motor home reserved for drivers in endurance races.
  • Assistance vans.